Welcome to NASHERO, while we're busy with finishing the first aircraft, We've recently been interviewed by an Italian Business TV network. You can watch the interview online here. The original interview is in Italian, it is subtitled in English for your convenience:

NASHERO Interview by Business24TV

We've also been interviewed by the Composites Manufacturing Magazine, a premier magazine of advanced composites materials. The following link points to the article.

Dear visitor you may ask whether we're going to put up some images of our aircraft online. We'll do that immediately after the flight testing of our first aircraft. We are delighted with your interest in our business. We get a lot of site visitors and also persons physically interested in visiting our facility in North Italy. There are some things for you to keep in mind:
  1. Time crunch. As we're always working towards tight deadlines on our aircraft, and therefore we don't have much time to entertain visitors.
  2. We're still in the process of getting our IP registered (acquiring patents), therefore, visits esp with cameras are not allowed. 
  3. Competition is watching us closely, and recently, even our slogan "safe sleek spacious intuitively easy and fun to fly airplanes" which we registered in 2006 has been copied by a competitor.
  4. Give us the time and support to finish our plane and then we'll welcome any and all questions.
  5. If you really want to support us, we'll have some NASHERO branded merchandise for purchase here and we'll love to have you wear it.

At our brand-spanking-new prototyping facility, NASHERO s.r.l., is currently also developing Aircraft for greener personal, owner flown, air-travel for the masses of tomorrow. We’ll be showcasing our revolutionary high quality personal air-transport products on this site in the near future. Potential customers and investors are welcome to contact and interact with us through the attached contact form.

NASHERO s.r.l. also serves the high technology industry by bringing to bear our combined team expertise and experience, and, based on that to deliver truly bottom line impacting and actionable consulting. We've recently signed up an America's distributor for our Composites products, please check them in the Services area.

NB. We found a fantastic course at Stanford that is delivered by the extremely respected team led by Prof. Steven Tsai. If you're interested in updating your knowledge base or getting a thorough insight into composites, its highly recommended.

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