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NASHERO Facility Location

Map: Please click on the satellite view, in the map on the right.  In that way you'll be able to see the facility. This is a relatively new industrial area and therefore the roads do not show up in the Google application.

Operational Facility Address (shipping of all goods to NASHERO), sede operativa:
NASHERO s.r.l.
Via Delmoncello 28
26037 San Giovanni in Croce (CR)

Ph: +39-0375-311149
Fax: +39-0375-770303
Email: info at nashero.com

Legal Address for Invoicing (not for shipping, but only for administration), sede legale:
NASHERO s.r.l.
Via Baldesio 62
26041 Casalmaggiore (CR)

P.IVAIT 01481230199
Cod. FiscaleIT 01481230199
Num. ReaCR-175375
AziendaS.r.l. con cap soc. Eur 47060,00 int. vers.
IBANIT65 Z 05034 56746 000000000417
Codice Destinatario per fatturazione digitaleM86INRS

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