Software Developer

NASHERO is in a niche industry with complex software needs. Due to extensive requirements for internal customizations, we use open-source products, mainly frappe and ERP-next. Currently, we have an immediate requirement for one or two proficient frappe/ERP-next developers/coders. The first engagement will be for one year, with an option to extend it by two years, followed by that, based on the performance of the candidate, a long-term career-based contract shall be offered. Our requirements in addition to frappe/ERP-next knowledge are as follows:


Excellent knowledge of English and rudimentary Italian

Interest in mechatronics (IoT and related things)


OS and Environment in order of importance

  1. Linux

  2. Android

  3. Windows

  4. Eclipse environment

  5. Networks and installation


  1. SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

  2. Object oriented embedded databases


  1. Frappe

  2. Django

  3. Kerberos

  4. Multifactor authentication and encryption

  5. Node.js

  6. UML/OO

Languages (in no particular order)

  1. C, C++

  2. SQL

  3. XML, HTML, TeX, LaTeX

  4. Python 3.x

  5. Java, Javascript

  6. TK/TCL

  7. YACC

Algorithms and logic

  1. Algorithms including SSL, GPG

  2. Program optimization and code profiling

  3. Genetic Algorithms, Back-Propagation, Front-Propagation, Neural Networks as applied to optimization techniques

About NASHERO s.r.l.

NASHERO is an Italian general aviation NCAGE credentialed manufacturer with two additional divisions:

  • XPDYT ( an advanced machining and integrated composites division.

  • Zero Composites, with infinite fatigue life (NIAR/NCAMP test) using a proprietary vacuum infusion technology.

NASHERO Aerospace designs develops, manufactures, and sells highly revolutionary aircraft that evidence the capabilities of XPDYT and Zero Composites

NASHERO started out with a dream of developing a “clean-sheet,” safe and efficient, vice-free aircraft. Its development was based on our decades-long experience within the aerospace industry. This resulted in two exciting aircraft, which we are in the advanced stages of bringing to production. For full control of the quality of our work, from the beginning, we decided to keep all processes in-house. Today, we’ve outgrown our initial dreams and we now also provide cutting-edge aerospace production technologies for high-end OEMs through our XPDYT division.

NASHERO is a proud member of the IR4I aerospace cluster of North Italy, which almost guarantees that we can deliver a complete turnkey solution to our customers using the synergy of our member companies.


Candidates are requested to apply directly by sending your application to