Dear Supporters,

The year 2012 was a decisive for us. We had several issues to deal with, the first was to select a new supplier for composite tooling (mold) material. This involved testing of sample materials from some suppliers for our tooling. In March 2012 we got the material samples from our new vendor and we began testing to qualify the tooling materials. Shortly thereafter making several samples, we were certain that the tooling resins from one of our supplier's met the requirements and the first set of tools were made using the master models and their accompanying jigs and fixtures.

After almost one year of over back breaking work, we currently have most of the complex molds done. The remaining molds should be over in a few more weeks. All the molds are backed by a metal truss that rigidly holds the molds in place making them robust and durable. All the testing and material characterization has paid itself off by the exact replication of dimensions on the master plugs by the molds. The quality of surface and the dimensional precision which we've achieved on the molds, has made the process of making molds very gratifying.

We've made a few complex parts out of the current set of molds to test the quality of molds and process qualification. We're pleased to share that the process works well, part quality is excellent and properly treated molds release well and should last a lifetime of the aircraft model.

A new control system has been built and commissioned for the humidity, temperature and dust control in the clean room. The control system has a very easy user interface and a bright LED display that allows us to maintain the clean room parameters. Once all the molds are done, we'll empty the clean room, change all filters, and put new tack sheets in the ante-room that is used to access the clean room. Then we'll setup production in the clean room for the first aircraft model.

Due to pressure from one of our strong supporters, we've also started work on a low cost trainer. This new aircraft will have some of the same features as our flagship product and will follow our slogan of "safe, sleek, spacious, intuitively easy and fun to fly airplanes". This will be built using a technology that has the potential to revolutionize the production of future composite light aircraft.

We're aiming to finish the first model early 2013 and, as promised earlier, we'll share the development photographs after we have our first flight.

We are privileged to have your support and wish to than you again for that.