old progress 2009-10

  1. NASHERO has spent significant efforts in customer need analysis all over the world, including at major air-shows such as, but not limited to: EAA Oshkosh, EAA Sun n' Fun, Paris Le Bourget Airshow, Dubai Airshow. We have a keen customer focus on providing what is really needed by them.
  2. NASHERO s.r.l. was registered on the 1st of October 2009 in Casalmaggiore, Italy, for the purpose of business consulting and the building of two flying proof of concept aircraft for flight testing and certification.
  3. We have started our vendor selection and off loading of precision machined parts.
  4. The first components are currently being manufactured. On the right you can see a video of one of our parts being manufactured at a vendor site. Each part goes through a certificate of origin of material, machining, anodizing, a third party CMM report for the critical dimensions, and finally followed by product number marking and updating into NASHERO's SCM system.
  5. We have ordered the first machines and plants that we'll be using.
  6. The selection and approach to our sponsors is underway and we're delighted to see significant traction and interest from the sponsor community in our plans.

July 2010

One of the first parts arrive from the Vendors. Each part comes with a materials certificate and full CMM measurements certification. They have a beautiful silky finish as you can see in the adjoining photograph.

September 2010

The Horizontal Stabilizer plug is now being made. The plug is rough milled, fine milled and finished by 2000grit wet sanding, thereafter it is buffed and polished before molds are drawn out of it.

The milling machine has a corrected precision of 0.001mm and the bed is laser leveled, each aircraft plug that goes on the machine is supported by a stiff steel structure, seen here in yellow. The milling cutters are very high end tool maker cutters from Japan.

The machine is a 4 axis milling machine. Here you see it rough milling the HT lower surface.

This is how it currently looks:

NASHERO has successfully reached the first major mile stone

The process of building high quality molds requires an extremely

strong rigid and light weight sub-structure for supporting the surface of the master-models (also called plugs). At NASHERO, the structural substructure that will support the master model's CNC precision machined surface of our first aircraft has been completed, measured and aligned. It now sits proudly on the fuselage jig. On this, in the coming weeks precision machined material will be held to form the actual master-model. This structure is approximately 7m long, and is placed on a jig that is around 9m long. In the background is the CNC machine with a 4.5m long bed. This is just to give an idea of the dimension of the structure.

The master-model will be finished to a mirror like finish and the aircraft molds will be made from the master-model shape. Currently, the major work is going on to build a high quality clean room for carbon-kevlar-epoxy parts with which the aircraft will be made. The clean room is a work in progress and its walls are currently being built. In our estimate, the clean room will be finished by the EOY 2010 and thus the master model can then continue in a computerized temperature controlled clean room.

This long year has been a tough fight with the bureaucracy to get all the permissions required to work in the facility, which has to meet various standards. Namely, a Ph.D., M.Tech., B.Tech. cannot sign for the electrical installation or compressed air line installation in Italy (other EU countries don't have these impediments), what is required is an electrician (high school pass), and a plumber to sign up for these things. The other issue was that there was not enough light in the facility so a wall had to come down. The final straw was that the facility was an ex-storage, so it didn't have permission to be used as a production facility. Being in a industrial area was not sufficient. Needless to say, if one sneezes, its likely that in Italy one will need to fill a form to get permission to do that.

All of the above hum-bug is over and we're 100% certified according to regulations after almost one year, countless phone calls, excessive work done. It was also expensive in the sense that it has shaved off some of our budget.

Dec 2010: 12m x 6m clean room

The 2010 will be closed with another mile stone, i.e. the building of the 12m x 6m clean room. The clean room will be used for composite layups. It can also be used as a temperature/humidity controlled environment from 20°C to 60°C using a high end SSR powered and PLC control. The idea is to do the initial composite cure in the area where the layups are done without moving the molds. For the prototype parts, once the first stage cure is done, the parts can be de-molded. For the final cure, which happens after the final assembly, we've developed a very high end high temperature oven. Both the clean room and the oven are extremely green, consuming less than 10% energy compared to the best in class competing solutions being used in the industry today, a whooping 90% saving in CO2 emissions.