NCAM estimates 25,000 LSA's till 2017

Post date: Jan 30, 2009 1:49:07 PM

EAA’s AirVenture at Oshkosh continues lives up to its cachet as the spirit and mover of American aviation. It also remains a global leader for General Aviation (GA) users especially travel, personal, recreational and sport aviation. Under Tom Poberezny’s leadership and vision EAA’s AirVenture is a unique venue where aviation customers and manufactures interact in an environment that draw in non-aviation Middle America public who visit AirVenture in increasing numbers. US Government agencies (FAA, FAA, etc.) similarly recognize this public and commercial value and come here for public and business policy and service interactions. This public and market awareness base is vital for the aviation business world, thereby making AirVenture a premier place to announce new products for apt impact.

Industry, small airport developers & authorities as well as the aviation user community are taking the SATS vision forward, these developments are amply highlighted this year at AirVenture. Currently the most rapidly growing (by volume) product sectors of General Aviation are the Very Light Jets (VLJ), the new Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category and traveler and user services developments at small airports. The emerging VLJ and LSA sectors are enjoying rapid annual growth rates that exceed 25% with product entries by traditional as well as new aviation manufacturers. Industry and FAA projections state that over 10,000 VLJs can sell in the next decade serving both individual owners and the emerging air taxi operators markets. NCAM estimates are that the LSA market could pull in over 25,000 aircraft from a variety of manufacturers over the next decade. While the LSAs serve the recreational aviation users they are also a key element to slaking the pent up entry level demands of the general public’s under 30 strata for affordable entry level aviation. Some of these will graduate and permeate into the ranks of pilot candidates and traditional training aircraft after they gain aviation ambiance familiarity with LSA aircraft. The 3rd sector that is growing is the small airport users and travelers service providers. The 2006 – 2007 state and county funding allocations as well as business growth data indicate that the short to middle distance travel potential of small airports is spawning development of traveler services such as new terminal buildings, airport cafes, restaurants, ground transportation services and other creative services that plan to serve the emerging air taxi services.

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