Extremely high end Carbon Composite ProductsWe are one of the rare few companies in the world that can make consistently controlled high quality carbon composite components. For extremely high quality products we use a number of proprietary technologies. For some products we can also do bladder molding, pre-preg layups and later high temperature curing. Some products require high powered press moldings and we have the equipment and expertise to make hard-molds to enable the best quality/price for our customers. Our products are entirely made in Italy by us, which allows us to consistently and reliably deliver extremely tight tolerances.

For example, we can supply you with turnkey Carbon composite launch vehicles, search and rescue equipment, antenna domes and antennae, large aircraft fairings, radomes etc. We have invested significant resources in high end machinery, metrology equipment and high efficiency ovens to make any challenging job a reality. We work with high end CAD tools such as Siemens PLM and have industry proven translators to work with your CAD data directly, transform it into high end Molds and using our proprietary infusion process we can give you Carbon Composite parts with the industry's lowest void content. Feel free to contact us to know more.

Customers from the Americas, in the USA R&M International, is the exclusive NASHERO Carbon Composites Distributor, for all products that do not compete with our own aircraft product line. You can reach us or them directly for more information.

Business Management and Strategy

NASHERO s.r.l. has US and pan European operational presence combined with a depth of successful project completions and expertise in hand-holding company management to cross corporate issues and turn around difficult operations in difficult conditions. Our executives bring significant direct working experience and expertise in, for instance, turnaround, business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, from the USA, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, MEA, and Asia. We provide the wealth of our experience and expertise, to help our clients develop their solutions for now and the future.

In the current economic slump (circa 2009-2010), companies are under significant financial and time crunch to take corrective measures. Many local companies resort to “the local way” to combat the current crisis. In our opinion, in the globally competitive world market, there is no such thing as the local way. There are no short-cut or simple solutions that will address your current and future problems, and, help you to recover and grow. Using our strategies of corporate, financial, technology and innovation should give you “the right and correct way out” of the current downturn and reposition you for future growth.

This brings us to our motto: do it once and do it right. Enjoy reading about our business consulting, engineering consulting and prototype fabrication services below and feel free to contact our services sales should you feel we could help you.