Upsetting the cart of gas guzzling general aviation


NASHERO aircraft upset the cart of gas guzzling general aviation

Are you a flying enthusiast? If so, you've come to the right place. Our aircraft are suited for people with varied interests. If you're a weekend flier, someone who goes for flying vacations, someone who likes to just explore the area by air, or a seasoned flight instructor, our aircraft will be of immense interest to you.

NASHERO's state-of-the-art composites technology

All NASHERO aircraft are made with the latest state-of-the-art composites technology with impeccable care and passion. Carbon composites are used by us to increase the durability and strength of our aircraft as compared to metal aircraft. The icing on the cake, is the fact that aerodynamics shapes with smooth curves can be made easily using composites, something that will be impossible with metal aircraft. Furthermore, composite aircraft do not corrode over time and, if kept well, can last a lifetime.

We manufacture our aircraft using environmentally friendly technology taking our environmental obligations to the heart.

We're delighted to share that for the first two models of aircraft currently in development we are accepting bookings for production and delivery slots.

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