Light Sport Aircraft


Augusta is an advanced light sport aircraft design in advanced stages of final assembly. Augusta LSA uses space age carbon fiber to make it tougher, lighter and stronger than any other material currently used in aircraft production. It also uses a proprietary technology in production that gives it almost infinite fatigue resistance. Our carbon fiber technology will permit our customers to extremely high operational temperatures and not necessitate the aircraft to be only available in white color.

Travel with ease and in safety

Augusta LSA has an advanced EFIS and backup analog instruments. It comes with certified GPS source, ADS-B, transponder, VHF transceiver, AoA indicator and a very reliable and industry standard fuel injected power plant. The Augusta LSA is the right aircraft for an owner pilot searching for a plane that can help him or her travel with ease and safety.


Brij is a low wing advanced light sport aircraft designed to address the need for an upgradeable aircraft with low acquisition costs for the weekend pilot. Brij uses aerospace grade composites and uses space age carbon in its main wing spars. The rest of the aircraft is made from aerospace grade glass fiber, just like the larger 4 seat aircraft from many of the largest general aviation manufacturers in the USA. Brij can be purchased with a choice of instrumentation and power plants that lower the customer's total cost of ownership. Brij is made by our proprietary production technology and can withstand high operational temperatures.

Materials and Processes

NASHERO holds complete traceability of materials, material tests, processes and product. This guarantees our customers a product of superior quality, unheard of in the light aircraft industry.

Proprietary technology gives an almost infinite fatigue life

NASHERO has developed proprietary production technology for composite materials that gives our products an almost infinite fatigue resistance. Our technology will also permit our customers resistance at extremely high operational temperatures and permits a level of flexibility and aesthetic appeal of almost any color on the structure.

The metal parts in our aircraft are made from aerospace grade materials. We use a myriad of materials from 7075 Aluminum Alloy, to Ti6AL4V titanium alloy and various steels.

Safety in Design

All NASHERO aircraft have elements of safety which cover all the elements of regulatory requirements and much more. Our aircraft come pre-fitted with a full aircraft ballistic parachute recovery system capability. Our aircraft have design elements from F1 race cars, which permit absorption of crash energy and deliver a crash resistant structure better than any Al Alloy aircraft.