XPDYT ('expedite') the Precision Manufacturing Division of NASHERO

If you are looking for repeatable tight tolerances and high surface finish on complex parts we look forward to hearing from you. In the past years we have worked with customers from aerospace and defense and race car industry, whose tolerances and quality was easily met by our rock solid processes and machine tools. Learn more at

We use the best machines available for the job some with repeatable tolerances well under 0.006mm. We program our 5 axis, 4 axis and 3 axis machines offline and using our Industry 4.0 setup we can immediately load the machines using our production network which seamlessly connects to all the machines and enables us to monitor machine status 24/7. Learn more at

NASHERO Composites

We are one of the rare companies in the world that can consistently make controlled high quality carbon composite components. For extremely high quality products we use a number of proprietary technologies. Our proprietary vacuum infusion technology has proven itself to be able to make components with least known void content. This is important for products that will see any type of cyclic loading. For some products we can also do bladder molding, pre-preg layups and later high temperature curing. Some products require high powered press moldings and we have the equipment and expertise to make hard-molds to enable the best quality/price for our customers. Our products are entirely made in Italy by us, which allows us to consistently and reliably deliver extremely tight tolerances.

Custom built air-space-vehicles

We can supply you with custom built turnkey carbon composite launch vehicles, search and rescue equipment, antenna domes and antennae, large aircraft fairings, radomes etc. We have invested significant resources in high end machinery, metrology equipment and high efficiency ovens to make any challenging job a reality. We work with high end CAD tools such as Siemens PLM and have industry proven translators to work with your CAD data directly, transform it into high end Molds and using our proprietary infusion process we can give you Carbon Composite parts with the industry's lowest void content. Feel free to contact us to know more.

NASHERO also works very closely with and is an integral part of the highly specialized composites team led by Prof. Stephen W. Tsai, Prof. Emeritus, Stanford University, considered by many to be the father of modern composite materials technology.

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